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Nov. 14, 2019

Cavalry Unit Proudly Rides in Tarrant County Vets Day Parade


FORT WORTH – Blustering winds and plummeting temperatures couldn’t deter a group of mounted soldiers from proudly riding down Main Street on Monday, November 11 as part of the annual Tarrant County Veterans Day Parade.


The famed Horse Cavalry Detachment of the 1st Cavalry Division, based at Fort Hood, near Killeen, Texas, is one of seven mounted cavalry units on

active duty in the United States Army, and they bring to life the spirit of the equestrian soldier wherever they perform.


The cavalry unit’s garrison, workshops and stables are located in a rural setting adjacent to the main entrance to Fort Hood. The detachment is organized and equipped to represent the division as an 1870 era “horse soldier” troop, complete with cavalry uniforms consisting of government-issue blouses, trousers, hats, belts and boots, authentic firearms, sabers, saddles and work details of the period.


The Fort Hood detachment highlighted this year’s “Centennial Celebration” – theme of the event.  This special centenary happening was organized by the Tarrant County Veterans Council and hosted by the City of Fort Worth.


This year marked 100 years of Armistice and Veterans Day marches in the city. Cowtown’s parade began as an armistice procession in 1919 to honor those who had fought in World War I.


This year was also the 100th anniversary of three veteran service organizations – The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary and the Military Order of World Wars. Representatives from each served as co-parade marshals for this year’s march.


The event was designated a 2019 National Veterans Day Regional Site by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The Veterans Day National Committee recognizes the Tarrant County Veterans Day Parade as “a fitting tribute to America’s heroes and the event should serve as a model for other communities to follow in planning their own observances.”

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